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Creative Juices came into being in the Summer of 2019 when David Pountney, Caroline Clegg and Emma Jenkins sat down and began asking questions about the development of new opera.  We looked at how opera, unlike other art forms, passes through a large number of filters from commission to first night.  On a good day, this can result in a value-added product that exceeds original expectations. On a bad day, this can mean that a great idea gets lost in translation by the time it reaches the stage.  Creative Juices became all about developing a gold standard of working practices that means it's always a good day for new work.

And then Covid came along and life as we know it changed overnight. We had a choice: should we ditch out new company in these troubled times or actually might this be exactly the right time to form a new company?  After all WNO was formed during World War II. So we went ahead with the aim of producing, fun, vibrant work.  Work that could be challenging yet be dealt with deftly and with a light touch. Work that would create opportunities for both emerging and highly experienced artists and which could be delivered without compromise, covid or no covid.

To learn more and contact us.

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